Tritton IXC Commercial Reverse Osmosis System | Commercial Water System

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Economical, Reliable, Easy to Use, TRITTON IXC Commercial Water Systems

Tritton commercial reverse osmosis systems are the perfect choice for commercial water filtering in the food service industry, coffee shops, breweries, hotels, restaurants, or manufacturing industries.  These commercial reverse osmosis systems work well in a lower water output industry. These commercial RO systems only work with a bladder water storage tank.

If you need any help with any commercial reverse osmosis system, contact our expert water professionals today.

Tritton IXC Commercial Reverse Osmosis Specifications

Easy to operate and simple maintenance is designed in of each RO system while keeping it in a compact, smaller size. This makes TRITTON IXC systems an excellent choice for people that need a cost effective system that produces high volume commercial water filtering.
TRITTON IXC reverse osmosis systems leave the production line ready to operate without any programming.  Attach the feed, waste, and product connections and turn the system on. The digital display on the system will give you all the information you need to see the systems operation.

Display Options:

TDS Digital Display – Shows the quality of product water in TDS PPM being obtained at that time.

LOW Pressure Display – When this appears on the screen, it indicates low pressure in the system. Additionally, on the control box, a Yellow light will illuminate when there is low pressure as a visual reference.

FLUSH Activation Display – When membrane flush is activated, droplets above the word FLUSH are displayed.

Main pump Activation Display – This display represents the high-pressure pump of the System is activated. When Blades are in motion it means the pump is ON. In addition, the green light on the control box will indicate that the system is in operation.

FULL TANK Display – Appears on the screen when a signal is received that the storage tank is full.