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Fleck 2510SXT Air Injection Oxidation Katalox Light Iron Filter System

You shouldn't have to suffer with nasty smelling water or red rings from iron in your water.  Our Fleck 2510sxt Air Injection Oxidation (AIO) removes heavy metals like iron, sulfur, and manganese from your water without using chemicals!  It's our most popular iron removal system because it comes with Katalox Light for heavy duty iron removal from your water. 

It's often referred to as an "iron removal water softener" but if you need soft water, you'll still need to use with your water softener, because iron in your water will ruin a water treatments system, quickly.

Fleck 2510 Air Injection Iron Filter Start Up Guide is available.

Call 1-888-309-2837 and our water treatment professionals can help you build your water softener so you get exactly what you need, within your budget.

The Fleck 2510 SXT AIO system removes up to 15 PPM iron, removes 15 PPM of hydrogen sulfide that causes rotten odors in your water, and removes up to 5 PPM manganese.  This is a high flow system, and can go up to 12 GPM.

Fleck 2510SXT Iron Removal System

A patented air injection technology allows for a pocket of air to be compressed at the top of the tank allowing the water to flow through the pocket of air and the iron to be oxidized, meaning it falls out of solution and allows the filter bed to remove the contaminate.  This gives you clean iron free water.

If you are looking for iron-free water throughout your home, this Fleck 2510SXT Iron Removal Filtering System is what you need. The iron removal system also removes that rotten egg smell caused by hydrogen sulfide, and black staining from manganese.

The Fleck 2510SXT air injection system is a superior iron water filtration system that is environmentally friendly and chemical free.

Fleck 2510SXT Iron Removal Water Softener Sizes

    Automated, Digital Operation, Low Maintenance, Simple.

    • Air Injection removes Iron, Manganese, and Sulfide
    • Popular, Genuine Brand Fleck 2510sxt Control Valve
    • High Efficiency, High Quality Katalox Light Media
    • Assembled in the USA
    • Operates within a broad range of pH, effective from 5.0 to 9.0 pH.
    • Daily backwash is required, the system does it automatically.
    • Simple to operate and set time clock.
    • Fleck 2510SXT Control Valve
    • Includes built in 3/4 bypass (1" bypass available)
    • Almond polyglass mineral tank
    • Uses less than $2 of electricity per year.
    • This iron removal system is low maintenance and user friendly
    • Warranty: 10 years on tank, 5 years on control valve

    Warranty Options:

    Standard - 5-year valve warranty and a 10-year tank warranty
    Extended - 10-year valve warranty and a 10-year tank warranty
    Lifetime - Lifetime valve warranty and a lifetime tank warranty

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