ProSeries High Efficiency 1: 1 Reverse Osmosis System

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Waste less water with this efficient reverse osmosis system!  Our ProSeries High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System is a 1:1 Reverse Osmosis System, which means it will help you save up to 75% of waste water, which makes this system incredibly environmentally friendly compared to our other reverse osmosis systems.

This 1:1 RO System is a one-of-a-kind system that has a 75% recovery rate, creating less waste water, making it incredibly efficient and cost effective water filtering option.  The unique drop-in style membrane works in any standard reverse osmosis membrane housing.

Our ProSeries reverse osmosis water filter systems have a 5 year warranty.  The reason we can have such a long warranty on our systems are because we make them in our warehouse and we use standard filters and parts making them durable, reliable, and long-lasting.

Typically, reverse osmosis works off of a 4:1 ratio principle, for every 1 gallon of product water you will have up 4 gallons going to the drain.  This system is the most economically effective RO system on the market, with a 1:1 ratio membrane that uses 75% less waste water.   

  • Reverse osmosis filtration system
  • 4-gallon storage tank
  • Designer Chrome non airgap faucet
  • 5 stages of filtration
  • 1:1 Ratio Drop-In Style Reverse Osmosis Membrane 50 GPD )#61114)

5 Stage purification Process:

  • Filter Stage 1 - 5 Micron Sediment Filter - Reduces Dirt, Sand and Rust
  • Filter Stage 2 - 10 Micron Carbon Block Filter - Reduces Chlorine, Objectionable Tastes and Odor.
  • Filter Stage 3 - 10 Micron Carbon Block Filter - Reduces Chlorine, Objectionable Tastes and Odor.
  • Filter Stage 4 - 50 GPD (gallons per day) Membrane, a high production thin film composite membrane.
  • Filter Stage 5 - Carbon Post filter, to enhance the water’s taste.

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