Hydrosafe Ultraviolet Water Systems | UV Water Disinfection Systems

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Hydrosafe UV Systems are excellent for your water filtration needs. If you are looking for a quality ultraviolet system that is perfect for your home or business, this is a great choice. Simple to hookup and easy to maintain. Feel free to call us with any questions.

Features & Benefits
• Provides disinfection without the use of chemicals
• Reduces bacteria, virus and protozoa by 99.99%
• Electronic ballasts providing constant output current over the entire operating range
• Improved surge protection
• Annual lamp replacement reminder feature
• Polished, 304 stainless steel reactor chambers for durability
• Easy servicing (no need to disconnect water flow during lamp replacement)
• Open end quartz sleeves for optimum operating temperature and sealing efficiency
• Aluminum base for quick and easy servicing

24 gpm is 7" in width, 9 1/2" heights, and 37" in length, 1" pipe size, 23 pounds