Water Softener Under-bedding Gravel | Gravel Filter Media Per Pound

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Uncrushed gravel, used for under-bedding on any water softeners that need to have a support media bed. Water softener gravel comes steam cleaned, however during shipping there may be a minimal amount of dust that collects on it, but it can be rinsed off during your water softener's backwashing cycle.  You may need a water softener loading funnel to pour this gravel and other water softener media into the tank.

This gravel promotes good water flow and even water distribution through the under-bedding. It will maintain the quality of the treated water, specifically in softeners. Three inch layers are recommended in graded support beds.


Tank Size Amount Required:

7" Tank - 7.5lbs

8" Tank - 10lbs

10" Tank - 15lbs

12" Tank - 25lbs

13" Tank - 30lbs

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