O-ring for ProSeries Reverse Osmosis Housings

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We carry O-rings for the ProSeries Reverse Osmosis systems.  When it comes to O-rings, a small leak can lead to big problems.  When checking for leaks in housings, O-rings should be replaced when changing the reverse osmosis filters to avoid possible water leakage that can lead to big damage.  

O-rings are essential for leak-free performance, the help seal the housings so the water stays where it should, however over time they do deteriorate. Regular replacement of your housings O-Rings prevents leaks which can cause a lot of damage.  It's always recommend to change all O-rings once you open the housing. Clean the grooves and use a silicone lubricate with below thread to prevent water leaks as well, when replacing your O-Rings.

If you aren't sure which o-ring you need, please call 1-888-309-2837 for information.