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Under Counter Reverse Osmosis Systems Water Coolers

RO water filters are a must-have. A standard water filter gives you the most bang for your buck, especially an under sink water filter with carbon block or granular filtration. Here are some benefits of filtered water and big reasons why you should consider an under the counter filter.

  • With home drinking water filters, fresh, clean water will come out of your faucet, there's no need to pour water in a pitcher or wait for a distiller.  Carbon under sink filters produce up to 30 gallons of clean water per hour.
  • A reverse osmosis drinking water filter stays out of sight. Countertop filters get in the way and make your kitchen look cluttered and fridge water pitchers take up space in your refrigerator.
  • Under counter water filters protect you from the harmful contaminants in tap water. Remember to buy a carbon water filter, they're the most effective at removing harmful contaminants.

You need to use a carbon filter in order to remove all of the harmful things in tap water. Chemicals commonly found in tap water like chlorine and VOCs can cause different types of cancer and respiratory illness.

A reverse osmosis drinking water filter is cost effective. RO filters are the most affordable type of filter out there.