20 Gallon Steel Water Storage Tank

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20 Gallon Steel Water Storage Tank

Our 20 gallon steel water storage tanks are constructed tough to last. Each tank is individually checked, making them incredibly safe. They're created to meet the most demanding specs for drinkable water. Each reverse osmosis storage tank has a totally enclosed polypropylene and butyl water tank to guarantee water purity, with less rubber/water contact. These water storage tanks have a thorough 5 year service warranty in the industry. For large capacity applications, consdier this 86-Gallon RO water storage tank.

20 Gallon Steel Storage Tank

  • 3/4" Stainless Steel Connection to avoid leaching issues
  • Features a Powder Coated Steel Exterior
  • Fully Enclosed Polypropylene & Butyl Water Reservoir
  • NSF & FDA Approved
  • Five Year Warranty


15-3/8" Diameter x 31-3/4" Height