Antiscalant Water Treatment Chemical | 5 Gallons Antiscalant Solution

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Get 5 gallons of Water Treatment Chemical Solution Antiscalant, to prevent scale build up in your reverse osmosis or water softener filtering systems.  NSF certified to be used in drinking water. Utilized in commercial and high flow reverse osmosis systems to prevent scale build-up and fouling of the RO membranes.

Formula-1734 is a three component formulation that is effective against magnesium silicate, strontium sulfate, barium sulfate, calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate deposition. Formula-1734 scale inhibition is achieved through colloidal calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate dispersion. Silica scale inhibition can be achieved up to 240 ppm. Use of this product provides longer run times and extended element life resulting in reduced operating and capital costs

It's an effective antiscalant, uniquely formulated for feedwaters with the highest levels of metal oxides, silica, and scale-forming minerals. It is effective over a wide range of concentrations, and does not flocculate dissolved polymers such as residual coagulants or iron or aluminum rich silica. Use of this product is recommended for reducing the operating and capital costs of reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF) and ultra filtration (UF) systems. A special utility is in its application as a substitute for pretreatment with ion exchange beds.