Aquatec Pump 120V Transformer

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We have a replacement for the Aquatec 120v transformer  for 6800 series booster pump.  This replacement part is a standard 120v transformer, with standard 2-prong plug to provide power to CDP 6800 pump.  This transformer was designed and manufactured by Aquatec to ensure compatibility and proper operation.

120v Transformer plugs into standard 2 prong outlets to provide the needed power for the Aquatec CDP 6800 pump.  Transformer only allows you to get just the parts you need, ideal for custom setups or replacement.  This transformer is designed for the the CDP 6800 pump and 120v power supply.


  • OEM replacement transformer for Aquatec 6800 booster pump
  • 110V 2-prong plug for North American style plugs
  • Easily connect to your pump or pressure switch
  • Reliable top quality transformer