Big Bubba Pleated Cartridges

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We have genuine Big Bubba filters direct from the manufacturer.  The come with double O-ring seals.  These pleated filters are great for removing sediments, dirt, rust, sand, and other solid particles.  The can be washed out making them reusable as long is it's from 5 Microns and above.  These are ideal cartridges for more critical applications, they'll give you greater efficiency, more surface area for greater flow, and reduced costs by reusing them, making them a good choice, environmentally.

BBC-150-P1A PP 1 Absolute Micron
BBC-150-P1 PP 1 Micron
BBC-150-P5 PP 5 Micron
BBC-150-P20 PE 20 Micron
BBC-150-P50 PE 50 Micron
BBC-150-PPM 150 Mesh 150 Micron