Complete Commercial Water System | 5000 GPD Water Filter System

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How would you like us to design and build your commercial reverse osmosis water filter system?  We have a variety of setups and sizes, we can size and quote your system, call our water professionals at 1-888-309-2837 and we'll help you get the commercial RO system that you need.

Financing is available as well. Ideal for any commercial water system application, car washes, hotels/motels, restaurants, greenhouses, ranches, cannabis, hemp, marijuana farms, any business needing a water system.

Complete Commercial Water System

  • Commercial Reverse Osmosis System, your choice of a Promax or AXEON system, a high performance commercial water system, specially designed for low maintenance, low-energy consumption and high recovery rates. It is capable of producing 5000 gallons of pure water per day, and its compact design saves you space. This high volume RO filter system is manufactured in the USA. System is easy to install and maintain, Feel free to give us a call with any questions at 1-888-309-2837.

  • 850 Gallon Storage tank, the water is stored in a 850 gallon 48"x117" atmospheric tank

  • Upper Level Float switch which is designed for high level shut off for a commercial RO system

  • Grundfos MQ3-45 pressure boosting pump, as water is needed out of the storage tank, the Grundfos variable speed pump delivers what is needed.

If you are not sure what pre-treatment you should need, call us at 1-888-309-2837 or email us your water analysis at

    Commercial Water Systems Need Proper Pre-treatment

    Commercial reverse osmosis systems with pre-treatment will last longer, without it, these water systems could be burned out in a few months. Protecting your reverse osmosis system, you may need one or more of these systems depending a water analysis: