Car Wash Water Systems | Spot-Free Car Wash Water Filter System

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Heavy duty car wash water systems, capable of washing a few hundred cars a day or a few thousand. We build a wide range of custom and specialty car wash systems, sizes, options, and set-ups, call our water professionals at 1-888-309-2837 and we'll help design your car wash system for any feed water and any budget. Financing is available as well.

Plus there's FREE SHIPPING on these commercial car wash water filter systems. Don't need a whole car wash set-up? There are complete commercial reverse osmosis systems available too.

Car Wash Water System Includes:

Commercial Reverse Osmosis System, which is one of the highest performance RO Systems, exceptionally designed, low maintenance, low-energy consumption, and high recovery rate commercial reverse osmosis system. It is capable of producing high volume gallons of spot-free water each day, and it's super compact design saves you space.

Pre-Treatment Commercial Water Softener, high volume water filtration, delivering the best quality water for your reverse osmosis system, giving your customers a spot free wash.

Pre-Treatment Carbon Water Filter System, reduces chlorine and other water chemicals and protects the reverse osmosis water system, making sure the system runs smooth for longer.

High Capacity Water Storage Tank, this water holding tanks is a high volume, atmospheric tank.

Upper Level Float Switch which is designed for high level shut off for a commercial RO system.

Grundfos Water Pressure Boosting Pump, as water is needed out of the storage tank, this Grundfos pump delivers.

Sizing Capacities:

180 - 360 Cars/Day 400 - 800 Cars/Day 700 - 1400 Cars/Day
2000 Gallons per Day 4000 Gallons per Day 7000 Gallons per Day
Carbon Pre-Filter: 2.0 Cubic Feet Carbon Pre-Filter: 2.0 Cubic Feet Carbon Pre-Filter: 2.5 Cubic Feet
Water Softener: 2.5 Cubic Feet Water Softener: 2.5 Cubic Feet Water Softener: 3.0 Cubic Feet
Atmospheric Tank: 300 Gallon Atmospheric Tank: 550 Gallon Atmospheric Tank: 850 Gallon
Re-Pressurization Pump: 3/4 HP Re-Pressurization Pump: 3/4 HP Re-Pressurization Pump: 1 HP