Coralife Pure-Flo II Water Filters | Sediment, Carbon, DI Water Filters

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This is the replacement filter set for the Coralife Pure-Flo II (3 canister) Reverse Osmosis System.  This RO filter set includes a sediment water filter, a carbon water filter, and a deionization water filter.

These Coralife RO filters should be replaced every 6-12 months, depending on water usage and the quality of your water.

These Coralife Pure-Flo replacement filters have been developed in response to the requirements for deionized water. Coralife RO Filters are manufactured using an FDA-compliant resin that has been subjected to additional post-production steps to minimize the total organic carbon (TOC) level.

Coralife RO Filter set includes:

(1) 1 micron sediment filter
(1) .5 micron carbon block
(1) DI color changing cartridge

The replacement membrane is sold separately since it only needs to be changed every 3-4 years.

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