DI Resilite Water Quality/Resistivity Indicator Light

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Resilight Water Quality/Resistivity Indicator Light

DI Resilitght Water Quality Resistivity Indicator Light comes in these OHM options; 1 MEG, 500K, 200K, 50K, and 20K.  Be sure to selection which option you'd like before you add to your cart.

  • The monitoring is simple: the green light indicates the water conductivity is below the threshold value, the red light warns that it is above
  • 1 Meg to 2K ohm/cm resistivity light
  • 1/2" MPT
  • Uses a wall transformer to convert 110 VAC to 9 VDC to insure safer operating and longer life
  • Reliable and economical method of monitoring water quality via conductivity
  • LED output and solid state circuitry utilizes a symmetrical squarewave sampling voltage to eliminate plating and extend electrode life
  • The LED output and solid state circuitry will outlast conventional neon lamps by thousands of hours.