Deionization Water System Dual 2.5" x 20" DI Water Filter

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Deionization DI Water System Dual 2.5" x 20" Deionization Water Filter System

Deionized DI Water is when you need the highest purity water.  Generally these systems are for laboratory, manufacturing, or aquarium water. Deionized water filtration systems remove almost all of the ions and minerals (iron, sodium, sulfate, and copper) from your water.

Deionized DI Water is needed for hospital and medical facilities, laboratories, aquarium and fish stores, electronic manufacturers, food processing, and car washes.


    • (2) 20" Housings 3/4" IN/OUT
    • (1) Bracket
    • (1)Filter Wrench
    • (2) 2-1/2" x 20" Mixed Bed DI Cartridges
    Best Usage Suggestions:
    • Recommended to be fed with Reverse Osmosis water
    • Each Mixed bed cartridges will eliminate around 11,000 mg/l or parts per million (ppm) of overall dissolved solids (TDS).