Car Wash Membrane | Hydron BW-4040 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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Don't spend more than you need to for quality commercial reverse osmosis membranes.  These are very popular for car wash reverse osmosis membrane replacements.  Hydron BW-4040 Membranes are a fantastic, affordable, compatible replacement for standard commercial 4" by 40" RO membranes. 

They're the perfect replacement choice for commercial applications like car washes!

Rated at 2,400 GPD, 220 PSI with 99.0% rejection and a minimum rejection rate of 98.5%, replacement for any standard 4040 commercial RO membrane, hard fiberglass shell protects membrane and provides outstanding performance.

These membranes remove contaminants and unwanted insolubles from your water.  This membrane makes a great replacement for standard 4" x 40" commercial reverse osmosis membrane housings, compatible with GE Osmosis Desal AG4040FF, GE Osmosis Desal AG4040TF, Dow Filmtec TW30-4040, CSM RE4040-BE and TW30-4040.