Light Whole House Water System

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Viseon Whole House RO system will consist of:

  • Promax 1000 GPD Reverse Osmosis System, which is a high performance RO, specially designed for low maintenance, low-energy consumption and hig recovery rates.  It is capable of producing 1000 gallons of pure water per day, and its compact design saves you space.  Manufactured in the USA.  System is easy to install and maintain, Feel free to give us a call with any questions at 1-888-309-2837.
  • 300 Gallon Storage tank, the water is stored in a 300 gallon 33"X80" Atmospheric tank
  • Upper Level Float Switch which is designed for high level shut off for a commercial ro system.
  • Grundfos MQ3-35 pressure boosting pump, as water is needed out of the storage tank, the grudfos variable speed pump delivers what is needed.
  • UV disinfection system, Before the water goes to the supply, the water will pass through the UV system, where it will totally disinfect and kill all bacteria.

Proper Pretreatment is Essential

A reverse osmosis system with pre-treatment will last longer, without proper pre-treatment the system could be junk in a few months, you may need one or more of these systems pending a water analysis of your water:

  • Backwashing Carbon Filter to remove organics, chlorine and chloramines (Chlorine Destroys RO membranes)
  • Iron/Sulfur Filtration system for well water (Iron and Sulfur fould membranes)
  • Water softener (Prevents hard water plugging the membranes)
  • Acid Neutralizer to raise PH (So not as to leach copper out of pipes)

If you are not sure what pre-treatment you should need, call us at 1-888-309-2837 or email us your water analysis at


Just because a RO system is rated at 1,000 gallons a day does not always mean that it will deliver that many gallons every day. You must size a system to no more than half of it's peak capacity (usually less). Therefore a 1,000 GPD system will generally provide about 500 gallons in the real world.

 You ought to know that all RO System Production Rates are based upon water less than 2,000 TDS and 77 Degree F Water. If your TDS is dramatically higher or your temperature is dramatically lower, the system production will be greatly impacted. If your TDS is above 2,000 ppm you should consult with one of our Certified Water Specialists before selecting a system. In certain cases, an anti-scalant may be needed for extreme water problems. Our Certified Water Specialists can determine if this is necessary.1-888-309-2837

 Also, remember that we have nearly 150 vast experience and have learned the hard way what works and what doesn't. This is a high-quality professional-grade system which is built to last for at least 15-20 years.