Ozone Lamp UV Replacement LAHV91

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We have replacement UV lamps for Ozone-Air Purifiers.  This is a new germicidal lamp that is used in various models of air and water purifiers, call our customer support with questions to see if these lamps will fit your model, 1-888-309-2837. 

These lamps produce UV-C light to kill and "deactivate" bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms.  It is 100% compatible with the OEM lamp. It measures about 14 inches, excluding the 4 pins on the end of the lamp. Its output is at 254nm (UV-C) for use in water purification and sterilization systems.

This lamp is rated useful life is 10,000 hours, however it is highly recommended you change your lamps every year, because lamps can weaken and lose its effectiveness to disinfect.