ProSeries 6 Stage Alkaline Mineral Reverse Osmosis System

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The Pro Series 6-stage Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Mineral Drinking Water System is one of the most popular and highest quality systems on the market today. 

Advantages of the Pro Series 6 Alkaline Mineral System:

*Drinking water that is clean, fresh, clear, and great tasting.
*No more bottled water. The system produces better tasting and cleaner water than bottled. Save yourself some money.
*Made of the highest quality FDA approved materials.
*NSF Components

Reduce and Eliminate:

Arsenic, Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Bacteria, Metals, Chloroform, Fluoride, Nitrates, TDS, Chromium-6, Pharmaceuticals, and Most Contaminants.

6-Stage Purification Process:

1st: Sediment filter that reduces dirt, sand, silt, rust, and other particles.
2nd: Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) that reduces chlorine taste, odors, and other unwanted chemicals that are present.
3rd: Carbon Block Filter further reduces unpleasant odors and chlorine taste.
4th: 50 GPD Membrane removes a wide variety of contaminants and impurities that includes heavy metals, total dissolved solids, bacteria, viruses, and many others.
5th: Inline Post GAC polishes off any taste or odors that might be present in the storage tank.
6th:Alkaline Mineral Filter - Re-mineralization of water and boosts pH 1.0 to 2.0

Included with the system:
*All Filters
*50 GPD TFC Membrane
*4 Gallon Tank
*Attractive Chrome Faucet
*All Tubing Needed For Installation
*Comprehensive 5 year warranty.

This Pro Series 6-stage system is also one of the easiest to install and to change the filters. All items that are needed for installation come with the unit.

System fits neatly under your kitchen sink.
We have plumbers, contractors, and water dealers who buy our systems and sell them in their local markets for $900-$1200.00 We offer our professional grade systems to the public at a fraction of the cost.

We do not endorse nor do we knock the benefits of alkaline mineral water filters, but do to a huge demand, we now offer this system. Note: If you purchase this system and didn't want the alkaline filter down the road, you can easily remove it, and still have the best of pure water.