ProSeries 600 Commercial Water System | 600 GPD Water Filter System

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Don't let your business run out of filtered water when you need it the most.  Our ProSeries 600 GPD produces around 600 gallons a day of reverse osmosis filtered water. This light commercial reverse osmosis system is designed to provide you with a very cost effective commercial RO system. Simple to install, easy to use, it's an economical commercial water filtering option.  These systems are only compatible with pressurized water storage tanks, up to 82 gallons.

ProSeries 600 System Information and Manual

The ProSeries 600 GPD  Commercial Reverse Osmosis System:

Water Produced a day: 600 gallons
Recovery Rate: 1:4 Product waste
Nominal Salt Rejection: 98%
Operating pressure: 120 PSI
Operating Temperature: 40 - 100 Fahrenheit
Water Hardness: < 120 PPm (7GPG)
Ph Range: 3 - 11
TDS: < 1500 PPM

Manufacturer's Note: This system is rated at 600 GPD, if this system works beyond its daily recommended usage by filling a tank bigger than its GPD rating, the warranty on the pump is voided.