Pura 5-Stage Counter Top Drinking Water System

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Get superior water quality with the Pura 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis system.  The design of this counter top water filtering system is simple, compact, and unrivaled.  Great for counter top water dispensing, providing pure, clean water in a design that doesn't take up very much space on your counter.  This system works well at home or in the office and delivers the best water quality for anyone that needs filtered water.

Pura-5 Instruction Manual

System Features:

  • Automatic membrane flush, 5 seconds every 4 hours
  • Leak detection with automatic shut off
  • Water Dispensing (Front panel control knob dispenser)
  • 100% lead free faucet
  • Attractive dark grey color
  • 11"x13"x15" dimensions

**Does not come with Smartrol Display**

Requires no tool on service. Eliminate leakage from fittings. Cleaning is greatly reduced for more compact space.