Watts 20,000 gallon inline water filter

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The great thing about this 20000 gallon water filter is it can be attached to any 1/4" line. Often times people will purchase this to replace the existing filter that came with the refrigerator. By adding a 20,000 gallon inline water filter to your line going into your fridge you can actually reduce the frequency for changing your water filters. With this being said like any filter out there the length of time that you can actually get from the filter will vary depending on the local water source.

If you do a lot of traveling, this can be a great addition to your RV. By adding a Watts 20,000 gallon inline water filter you are assured great tasting water no matter where you might be. 

This Watts 20,000 gallon inline water filter is perfect for both commercial and residential ice makers as well. By reducing multiple different taste and odors from your water supply this is also a good addition for coffee makers as is helps with reducing the scale build up in appliances. 

  • Works with all 1/4' water lines
  • Icemakers
  • Refrigerators
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Campers
  • Coffee Makers
  • WQA certified 

Kit contents:

1 - 10 inch GAC Final Filter
2 - 1/4 inch connectors


Works with all water supply using 1/4 inch lines.


Inline 20,000 gallon water filter

*KDF Fluid Treatments Inc.

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*Note: Filter life depends based on local water conditions or use patterns.