WS-21 Calcium Inhibitor Misting System Filter | Water Misting System Inline Filter

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WaterSentinel WS-21 Calcium Inhibitor Filter and Misting System Protector

This popular, best-selling misting system filter will keep your system virtually free of the dirt, sediment, and scaling that can clog the spray heads in these systems.

Built with a polyphosphate filter designed specifically to reduce scale build-up and an activated carbon filter to reduce chlorine odor and taste. Scale build-up on misting systems is incredibly tricky, because misting systems use tiny sprayers that can clog or jam very easy. That's why it is essential that the nozzles are protected with a 5 Micron sediment filter. This filter is designed to last from six months up to one year, depending on water quality and usage.

  • Fits Standard Hose, 3/4" male by 3/4" female
  • Polypropylene
  • Made in the USA
  • Quick, 1-step installation with the same OEM performances.
  • Prolongs nozzle life by preventing scale buildup from clogging up.
  • For use with all outdoor cooling systems.