WSQC-4 Sanitary Change Cartridge, Carbon Block Filter

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  • High absorption activated carbon block
  • For that final "polish" of drinking water
  • Provides high flow stream of drinking water
  • Built with a unique "radial flow" cartridge design
  • Easy replacement, with no tools or spills


The Water Sentinel WSQC-3 Carbon GAC Filter is designed for use with Water Factory SQC Series Reverse Osmosis Systems. This Water Sentinel WSQC-4 Replacement Sediment Filter should be changed every 12 months based on water quality and usage. For use as postfilter for SQC 1 HF, SQC 2 HF, SQC 3 HF, SQC 3 HF Nitrate, SQC 4 HF, SQC 4 HF Nitrate and SQC PRO.